How good are you at job interviews? Find Out.

Job Interview 1:1 Coaching

The gold standard of job interview coaching, Rachel's one-on-one expert coaching is centered on your specific job description, allowing her to help you craft a powerful match between your skills, knowledge & abilities and the qualities the employer is seeking. In person (Perth) or live via Skype or video.

Job Interview Self-Coaching Guide

This essential resource shows you how to analyse a job description, evaluate your strengths and craft compelling examples of what you can bring to an organisation. Based on over 14 years of experience, it prepares you to successfully ask and answer questions, avoid the pitfalls and win the contest!

Job Interview Group Teleclasses

Rachel leads a live online & interactive group seminar, based upon the actual job applications of the participants. In one hour, she shows you how to answer complex and challenging questions and match convincing examples of your work with the employer's needs and wants.

Job interview techniques & strategies to land your dream job

What job interviewers ask senior candidates, & the answers that will give you an edge

Identify and explain your specific strengths and the benefits you'll bring.

Determine exactly what your relevant key strengths are and weave them into authoritative answers no matter what you are asked. Impress the panel!

Pick the most persuasive examples so that your distinct value is obvious.

Help the panel envision how your skills, knowledge and experience are of value to them by relating past achievements to their current & future needs.

Convince the interviewer(s) that you're the standout person for the job.

Make it obvious that you're the best fit by perfectly matching what you ask, say and do to their requirements. Differentiate yourself from your rivals.

Overcome your job interview nerves and prepare yourself to win.

Settle your nervous energy, become confident and learn how research, preparation and practice are the keys to a winning performance on the day.

Turbo-charge your job interview skills with a choice of 1:1 coaching, group coaching
and the ultimate self-coaching guide.