How good are you at job interviews? Find Out.

Quiz: How good are you at job interviews?

Wow: The top score! Your score is 60/60.

Congratulations. You are a STAR. You have displayed great judgement and should do well in a job interview providing you do what you say! You understand that you need to sell yourself and that this requires you to know the organisation, to know your strengths and to demonstrate the value and benefits you bring to the organisation.

I like people who get the top score! So do job interview panels.

In addition to everything that you are doing to differentiate yourself from the other applicants, also select out and mention those tiny aspects of your experience and skills that others may not have. The skills need not be in the selection criteria but they may still be of benefit to the organisation and, if you meet the criteria, take you a step beyond your competitors.

For example, you may speak four languages, or have been invited to speak at an international conference, or have completed voluntary work with an indigenous organisation, or have won a short story writing competition, or are a member of an international trade group. Whatever extra skills you have could just give you the edge, so mention them if at all possible.

There are many more important job interview skills that have not been included in the quiz that could help you enhance your existing skills. I recommend you check these out in the book: "Job interviews: How to sell yourself and help the panel pick you".

If you are reapplying for your own job there is a whole section devoted to that, as well as advice on how to talk at a high enough level, prove you are the right cultural fit, and demonstrate your knowledge of the organisation in a way that impresses the interviewer. It will also help you to detail your most relevant strengths and choose the strongest examples.

It provides at least 120, A4 pages of top tips and techniques, so there's bound to be something of value to you.

I want you to nail that job! The book will help. So will coaching. And, as an extra bonus, when you book a coaching session, you get the book for free.