How good are you at job interviews? Find Out.

Quiz: How good are you at job interviews?

Congratuations! Your score is 52-59.

Congratulations, you have done really well. You are very close to the maximum score of 60. You have lots of great ideas for convincing a panel to pick you; others will be in envy of your skills. If you do everything you say in your answers, and provide brilliant examples and extra information that sets you apart from your competition, then you have a great chance of walking all over the opposition.

Now you need to make sure you are ready for anything, as not all job interviews are the same. Some require you to deal with a set of scenarios, some give you the questions beforehand, and some want you to give a presentation. Others are very formal and some are very relaxed and chatty. Whatever the situation always be willing to sell yourself.

There are still a few areas in which you could become even better. For example, these could be in:

  1. Explaining your strengths. Are the ones you've chosen really at a high enough level and specific enough to differentiate you from the other applicants? Most people choose strengths which are far too general and vague and which almost anyone could say. For example, it is insufficient to say that you have "high-level communication skills" because I could say that as well! You need to be able to say in what specific ways your communication skills are different from and better than other people's and the benefits that these specific communication skills will bring to this specific role. Yes, be specific!
  2. Researching the organisation. Have you researched the organisation enough to be able to understand the ways in which you are an excellent cultural fit, and are you ready to explain this to them in ways that make sense to them?
  3. Explaining how your strengths and experience will be of benefit to the future needs of the organisation. The organisation is in the future, your experiences are in the past. Your job in the interview is to link the two together and show how you will be of benefit to them in the future.

There is so much more that I could say; there are so many refined levels of job interview skills. Yet it is not possible for me to go through them all here, so I have written a book with many, many, many more tips and techniques that will help. I recommend that you now read it: "Job interviews: How to sell yourself and help the panel pick you".

It provides at least 120, A4 pages of top tips and techniques and a comprehensive checklist so you can check you've covered everything. It could make all the difference.

I want to help you win that job! This book will help. So will coaching, especially as I will personalise it to your specific job and interview. Contact me now to book an appointment. And, as an extra bonus, when you book a coaching session, you get the book for free, RRP $97.