How good are you at job interviews? Find Out.

Quiz: How good are you at job interviews?

Oozing with unrealised potential! Your score is 40-51.

Well done! You have lots of good ideas to help you succeed in a job interview and to keep your nerves at bay. The top score is 60, so with a few extra steps you could be on your way to the top. There will be lots of other applicants who do not excel at job interviews. If you polish your skills you'll stand a much better chance of winning the job than they will.

Rise above the pack. Don't be average! It's a waste of your talent.

Here are some extra tips for you. 

  1. One way to ensure you can sell yourself really well is to provide compelling examples that prove to the panel the benefits you'll bring to their organisation. Most people fail to give really strong examples.
  2. Give results, do not just describe your experiences. The results that you have gained from your experience are what matter most to the new organisation. Many people when they give their examples fail to provide convincing results. Do not miss this step. Your results are vital.
  3. Make sure you do not just talk about your experiences, this is not sufficient. You are trying to sell your benefits to the organisation in the future. Link the value of the experiences that you've had to the future needs of the organisation.
  4. Ensure that what you say is a direct match to the essential criteria plus the job description. So often people address the selection criteria without direct reference to the specific role requirements; it is best if these two are integrated together.

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