How good are you at job interviews? Find Out.

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01. Test your job interview skills

How good are your job interview skills?

The other day I was providing job interview coaching to a client who said to me, after we had done a considerable amount of practice, "Do other people do this amount of preparation for a job interview?".

I replied in the affirmative, "Yes, people who are serious about their job interviews often do a lot of in-depth preparation in order to secure the job".

"They know their strengths, they know the organisation and they know the benefits that they will bring to the position."

"Well", he said, "Now I understand why I haven't been getting the jobs I've been going for".

"I'm pleased you've come for job interview coaching then", I said light-heartedly!

How good are you at job interviews? Do you know?

Often people that I've coached underestimate how many skills are required to be successful at a job interview, especially at the higher levels of the job interview market. 

If you would like to test your job interview skills, I've designed a free test especially for you.

It will ask you a series of multiple-choice questions and it will then give you an analysis of your scores.

Click here: If you'd like to take the test.

Feel able to tell us how you did and what score you got. Then decide whether you need job interview coaching or not!