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07. Job interview preparation: Be prepared for anything

There are many steps involved in job interview preparation and job interview preparation is getting more complex than ever. The current economic situation is making it more difficult to get jobs. At the same time job interviews are becoming more diverse in nature. This means that your job interview preparation needs to cover more aspects than possibly ever before.

If you want to excel in your job interview preparation this article will give you an essential and unique tip on how to do this.

I am in a lucky position as I provide interview skills training and consequently hear stories from my clients about job interviews that others don't.

Currently, these stories indicate that interviews are becoming increasingly unpredictable in their formats and that the interviewee is having to demonstrate higher and more complex skills than previously.

Job interview preparation tips: Be prepared for anything

If you want to ensure your job interview preparation leads to a successful job interview it is vital that you know what to do and what to expect.

Here are three key job interview preparation tips:

  1. If you can find out in advance what the interview format will be, please do so, it may be invaluable.
  2. Ensure your job interview preparation does not lock you into only one way of answering the interview questions.
  3. Do not focus on only one type of interview or interview question, unless you are absolutely certain that you know exactly what will happen at the interview. 

Job interview preparation tips: Expect anything!

It is no longer sufficient in Australia, whether Sydney, Brisbane or Perth, to expect a standard interview and to prepare only for a standard series of questions and answers, unless you have a guarantee that this is all that will happen.

The feedback I have been getting from my interview skills training clients is that this is happening less often.

For example, will your job interview preparation allow you to cope with the following?

  1. Arriving for your interview and being told by the person doing the interview on behalf of a mining compnay that the company isn't very good. This happened recently to one of my interview skills training clients. He had been thrown by this comment and did not get the job. He had not thought to include it in his job interview preparation. 
  2. Arriving for your interview expecting to be asked a series of questions, and instead being given a series of eight scenarios to analyse. Yes, this has happened to an interview skills training client too!
  3. Arriving for your interview expecting to be interviewed by one person and finding you are grilled on technical aspects by a panel of five for nearly two hours. Again, a person who came to me for interview skills training had gone through this gruelling unexpected process and had not been prepared for it.
  4. Turning up expecting a 1-1 interview and finding yourself involved in a team interview, e.g. eight people being assessed at the same time, (as they typically do in the airline industry, for example).
  5. Having to give a PowerPoint presentation to the panel, instead of being asked questions.
  6. Being invited to relax and just sit around for a social chat - in other words being lured into a socially casual relationship in the hope that you will blab about yourself! Your job interview preparation needs to include all types of interviews, including this one.

These are just a small set of the formats that people are facing when they are going for a job interview at the moment. If you do not know the exact format that your job interview will involve then you need to ensure that your preparation prepares you for anything. 

If you do not know how to prepare for any of these formats and you think you may be subjected to them then please feel able to receive interview skills training with me. I am happy to help!