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12. Job interview nerves: How can I manage my anxiety?

There are many ways to overcome job interview nerves and anxiety about an approaching job interview.

How to overcome job interview nerves tip 1: Research the interview

There are many different types of job interviews. Instead of worrying about what will happen, call the relevant people and find out.

Find out how many people will be interviewing you, who the people are, and what type of format will be involved. Find out if you will be given questions in advance, whether your interview answers will be timed, and how long the interview is, for example. 

This is just some of the information that you might seek.

One of my interview coaching clients, who was applying for a senior position in education discovered his answers would be timed and he would only be allowed three minutes per answer. Another client, who was being interviewed by the justice department, found she was expected to give answers of fifteen minutes duration.

By knowing exactly what will happen this helped them in preparing for their job interviews. It relieved some of the tension and anxiety because they were no longer dealing with the unknown.

How to overcome job interview nerves tip 2: Practise out loud

Make sure that you practise potential answers out loud. Too many people with anxiety prepare for a job interview in writing. This means they are not used to hearing their own voice and this adds to their anxiety in the interview.

Talk out loud while walking around your home, in your office, in your car, (if it's safe to do so), and rehearse your answers. Get used to the sound of your own voice.

How to overcome job interview nerves tip 3: Know your strengths

Make sure that you know your strengths really well.

This means that in addition to practising answers to set interview questions, you are also able to delineate specific and worthwhile strengths that you have, no matter what interview questions are asked.

When people can explain their strengths it can help them to avoid going blank when asked unexpected interview questions. Instead, they select out two or three relevant strengths to explain in response.

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How to overcome job interview nerves tip 4: Use anxiety reduction techniques

Take active measures to reduce the anxiety by using targeted anxiety reduction techniques. There are many techniques to help reduce job interview nerves, these are just a few of them.

Each person responds differently to the different anxiety reduction techniques so please experiment to find which ones will work the best to reduce your job interview anxiety.

  1. One of my clients went to her doctor and was given beta-blockers and this helped her to get through her interview.
  2. Other people have used tapping on psychological acupressure points to reduce the anxiety.
  3. Others have developed a strong meditation practice. Having practised meditation and mindfulness people have found that whilst waiting for the job interview they can calm themselves.

How to overcome job interview nerves tip 5: The two steps

In other words prepare for the interview from two different angles.

  1. Prepare the content as thoroughly as you can, and this includes researching the organisation. (This in itself can help to reduce anxiety.)
  2. Focus on techniques to reduce the specific job interview anxieties that you have.

How to overcome job interview nerves tip 6: Get help

Job interview coaching, of course, is also an option I'd recommend. If you can find a job interview coach who has knowledge of both anxiety, (whether social anxiety, general anxiety or job interview specific anxiety), and job interview techniques, this may help.

Also, if your anxiety is severe or long-lasting or regular, then please seek help from a relevant medical health practitioner, such as a counsellor, psychologist, doctor or psychiatrist. There is no shame in getting help.  

Do what you can to overcome your job interview nerves and have a successful job interview. 

I am available as a job interview coach. Many of my job interview coaching clients have anxiety and I have helped them to reduce it. I also have experienced my own anxiety in the past and successfully overcome it.

I hope you go well. Remember that you won't be the first person the panel have seen with job interview nerves or anxiety!

Lots more ideas to boost your confidence and lessen your job interview nerves in the job interviews self-coaching guide. Can you afford to be without it?