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20. What is the hardest interview question?

As a job interview coach I hear many reports from clients who have previously failed their job interviews. They tell me some of the really difficult interview questions that threw them. There are many.

Of course, what one person finds difficult, another may find easy. However, the following interview question is certainly a hard one.

Out of all of our organisational values which one do you think will be the hardest for you to sustain?

The problem with this interview question is that if you don't know the organisational values off by heart you will be sunk!

How to answer questions at an interview?

My role as a job interview coach is to help people to prepare convincing answers for even the most difficult questions. I include this hard question as one of the examples to practise answering.

Most people can't answer the question because they don't know what the organisational values are. They have not researched the organisation well enough in advance.

I encourage everyone that I'm coaching to learn the values off by heart and to research the organisation that is interviewing them very thoroughly. Indeed, far more thoroughly than most people ever imagine necessary.

At a recent interview one of my clients, who was attending an interview at a large hospital, had three questions on their organisational values directed at her. She was so relieved she had come for interview coaching and had been encouraged to learn them. Prior to the interview coaching she had never even considered doing such a thing. Phew!

There is a lot of preparation required to do really brilliantly in a job interview especially at a high level. Could you answer this hard interview question or do you need interview coaching as well?