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23. Medical school interview questions and answers

Medical school interview questions and answers

Here are three aspects of medical school interviews to consider in your interview preparation.

1. Medical school interviews differ from one medical school to another in Australia. However, mini scenarios are the commonest form of interview.

2. Questions may also be asked to assess your understanding of what a Doctor does and why you want to be a Doctor. The form these questions take can vary but may include:

  • What makes somebody a good doctor?
  • What are the key personality traits of good doctors?
  • What are the key skills that a good doctor needs?

3. I coach people for medical school interviews and these are three of the many attributes that we have identified that interviewers are looking for:

  • The ability to be compassionate and caring towards people of all backgrounds, races, ages, genders, religions, etc. In other words acceptance and understanding of diversity is very important.
  • Problem solving skills are vital. You may need to demonstrate the ability to be able to weigh up a mass of potentially conflicting and complex data, to come to an informed decision and to find a practical and relevant solution.
  • Clear and easily understood communication skills at the right level for the recipient, be they colleagues, staff, patients or relatives. This includes the ability to explain complicated procedures and difficult diagnoses in a way that a patient can understand easily.

I hope this helps. There are plenty more tips, of course, but these are a good starting point. If you want help in preparing for medical school interviews may I suggest you take a look at our job interview self-coaching guide as it includes several of the steps I use with my potential medical students. One-on-one coaching is also available. Get that place in medical school!