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Job interviews can be daunting and how you perform on the day is frequently as important as your track record. These articles will provide some insight into how to prepare, practise and get yourself into the right emotional zone for the big day. Accomplished people often over-rate their ability to shine in an interview, so we've prepared a self-test. See how you compare to the very best.


02. Interview tips: Three ways to win job interviews

Going for a job interview? It's important you get as many relevant interview tips as possible; it's a tough job market out there.

Here are three interview tips to help you win your job. They are based on fundamental errors people make when preparing for a job interview and answering interview questions. 

Job interview tips 1: Your CV is not enough

Many people I see have spent an enormous amount of time writing their CVs, resumes and job applications. These CVs and resumes get them the job interview. They do not get them the job. The mistake people make in a job interview is to not explain what is on their CV. They think the job interview panel have read their CV and know everything on it. This may not be true.

  • The job interview panel may not have read your CV.
  • The job interview panel may not have remembered your CV even if they have read it.
  • Even if the job interview panel have read your CV and application they still want hear you explain the important information - after all, anyone could have written your CV for you.

Do not feel shy about repeating what is on your CV. It is often essential that you do.

Most job interviews go a step BEYOND your CV. In many the decision may primarily be based on what you say and do during the interview. In other words, if you have something valuable to say, whether it is on your CV or not, say it. 

Job interview tips 2: The spotlight is on the panel

Are you nervous when you go to a job interview? If so, why? What are you thinking about when you go to the interview?

  • Are you feeling that the spotlight is on you?
  • Do you think you are about to be interrogated?
  • Do you imagine that you will go blank and embarrass yourself?

If this sounds familiar you are making an important mistake; you are thinking the job interview is all about you. It's not. The spotlight is on the job interview panel. The pressure of making a wrong or right decision falls on the job interview panel.

What would a job interview panel be concerned about?

Members of a job interview panel:

  • Are concerned they might ruin someone's career.
  • Worry in case they select the wrong person.
  • Are anxious they might not follow the correct procedures.

Job interview tips 3: Stop your job interview nerves 

How can you stop your job interview nerves? 

One way is by feeling sorry for the job interview panel and understanding what a difficult task they have.

Yes! Take the spotlight off yourself and start being concerned for the panel.
When you realise that your job is to HELP the panel it can give you a different mindset so that your nerves lessen. Truly! I have seen it happen so often in my job interview coaching. Your job is to:
  1. Make it easy for the job interview panel to pick you.
  2. Make it obvious to the panel that you are clearly the best person for the job.
  3. Make yourself stand out from the other applicants so the panel is left with no doubt that you are the person to select.

Make it easy for the job interview panel. When you take the focus off yourself your nerves can lessen. 

When you apply these three interview tips you will have taken an important step forward to securing a successful job interview. Go for it!