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Job interviews can be daunting and how you perform on the day is frequently as important as your track record. These articles will provide some insight into how to prepare, practise and get yourself into the right emotional zone for the big day. Accomplished people often over-rate their ability to shine in an interview, so we've prepared a self-test. See how you compare to the very best.


04. Tips for job interviews: What the panel want


Tips for job interviews can cover a broad topic range. Today we are going to focus on the interview panel and how to use good interview techniques with them. Learn how to help them choose you!

Tips for job interviews: Stop the interview nerves

Does the interview panel make you nervous? Do you find yourself going blank or waffling in response to questions? Do you feel conspicuous? Here's one way to lessen these problems.

When you correctly understand what it's like being on an interview panel you may find the secret to stopping your interview nerves. Here is a big tip for job interviews: part of your role is to manage the emotions of the interview panel and give them what they want.

Maybe you've not thought about that before, because you've been too worried about what to say and how to perform. When you are too worried good interview techniques can fly out of the window and that is not helpful. Let me explain ...

Tips for job interviews: Know the role of the panel

Being on an interview panel is quite a daunting affair for many people, especially those who are relatively new to the task or who have been brought in as the "outside" person. What do you think they are worried about?

  1. Are they worried about asking the right questions?
  2. Are they concerned whether they will appear all knowing and important?
  3. Do they fret about whether they’ll have time to cover everything they want?

Well, yes, in a way all of these are issues they may have, but they aren’t always the primary concerns. There can be something more significant at stake.

Tips for job interviews: Ease their worries

People on the interview panel worry about whether they will pick the right person or by mistake pick the wrong person.

I was talking to a colleague recently who was going to be on an interview panel and who was nervous. When I asked him what the problem was he said that his decision would impact on the lives of each person he interviewed, both the person he chose and those he rejected. Worse still, his decision would impact on the organisation.

He was anxious about:

  1. What would happen if he made a mistake and embarrassed himself in front of his peers and superiors?
  2. What if the person he chose turned out to be a really bad person at work?
  3. What if it wasn't obvious who was the best person?

And there you have it – the answer to your interview nerves and the secret to good interview techniques. Your task is not just to answer the panel questions. Your job is not just to talk about yourself.

Your job is also to HELP the panel to know you are the best person for the job.

Tips for job interviews: Help the panel

How can you incorporate this information into a set of good interview techniques? Do this by helping the interview panel to:

  1. Know you are the best person for the job.
  2. Know you are the right fit for the organisation.
  3. Feel confident in selecting you.

I'm hoping this is completely turning on its head the way that you've been thinking about the panel.

If you think the purpose of the job interview panel is to quiz you, make you suffer or make you feel uncomfortable, you are going to make yourself nervous. Instead, your job is to make it easy for them.

Tips for job interviews: Have compassion!

 Compassion for the panel I say! Yes! Good interview techniques can involve being compassionate. You probably haven't thought like that before.

With compassion for the panel your role is clear and the panel no longer seems so intimidating. Then it can become so much easier for you to let go of your interview nerves and use good interview techniques. I have seen this happen with so many of my clients.

If you are still uncertain about how to convince the panel you are the best person for the job, I am available for job interview coaching.