How good are you at job interviews? Find Out.

Genuine Reviews from clients

These genuine comments are from executives, professionals, managers and students from around the world.



You made it easy for them to pick me - Yvonne Haig, Perth

Dear Rachel,

Thanks very much for your great work with me; I was successful, in fact they rang me half an hour after I finished the interview offering me the highest level possible.

The interview chair told me it was a great interview … and I made it easy for them to make the decision! Just as you said …

I'm so over the moon!

Senior Lecturer, Policy and Governance, School of Management and Governance, Murdoch University.


You really have a gift - Renae Thorpe

Hi Rachel,

It was really great to meet you and spend the time working through the interview process and thought procedures.

I really don’t know how you do it - pull apart what I said to make it sound important, you really have a gift and it was great to see you in action. I got the job!

Senior Natural Resource Management Officer, Department of Water.


I didn't know I could sound so good - Sam Pinakis, Sydney

I didn't know I could sound so good. I've never been good at job interviews but you got my best out of me. I am so much more confident. I now know what to say and how to explain why I would be the best candidate for this position.

I could not do this before. Thank you so much, I am amazed at the change in me.

A medical practitioner (personal details changed for privacy details, but the rest is genuine.)


Learning so much from the guide - Mary Kiger, USA

I have already started reading the job interviews guide as my interview is on the 18th August and it is for a Supervisory position which I have never held.

I'm already learning so much just in what to do to prepare. Getting this job would be an answer to all my prayers and is so important to me that I use every advantage I can to secure it.


I have won the Principal's position that I so desperately wanted - Jan Whisson

I am so excited to say that I have won the position that I so desperately wanted.

The job interview training that I received from you was exactly what I needed, it all made perfect sense and it obviously paid off. I know I wouldn't have won the position without working with you.

School Principal, Meckering Primary School.