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There really is no comparison - Kylie Samson, Melbourne

I wanted to give you some positive feedback about your interview coaching. I followed your method for preparation. It was great. I had a much more relaxed, disciplined and methodical preparation, and I also felt a lot more relaxed going into the interview.

The important thing is I feel empowered and not stressed about going for future interviews. I feel like I really "get" what interviews are all about now and what I need to do to perform at my best. This is a lovely place to be in, rather than dreading something that I am going to have to face throughout the rest of my career. So thank you so much.

And also, I've had two other interview coaching sessions over the last five years with others - but there really is no comparison. Neither of the others had the outcome that yours has had.

Public Servant, Kylie Samson, (name protected for privacy reasons, rest is genuine).