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Job Interview Tele-Classes

Our tele-classes are available to everyone, worldwide. If you are able to get to Perth, Western Australia - you may be interested in our face-to-face coaching sessions. If you are situated elsewhere in Australia, please see details of our Video Coaching Classes.

Tele-Class dates


"I really enjoyed the format and Rachel's warmth".
~ Sheila Mackridge, Counsellor, Olney, England.

"Rachel's presentation was short, sharp and to the point; and I was able to take away so much from it. I would recommend Rachel's live tele-classes to anyone".
~ Cherie Wallace, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia.

"What I loved about your tele-class was how interactive it was. You were very attentive to our responses via text and took great care in answering and acknowledging them. This surely helped me be very engaged".
~ Sophia Ojha, Candler, NC. United States of America.

"I find the tele-class technology so easy".
~ Donna Rayner, Project Officer, Mingenew-Irwin Group, Western Australia.

A tele-class is a live and interactive online video seminar, presented by Rachel Green, that you can join via your computer (recommended), tablet or phone from anywhere in the world.

  • See and hear Rachel and her PowerPoint slides and chat with her throughout the seminar (not just at the end like many webinars).
  • Receive responses in real time.
  • No need to travel anywhere.
  • You get immediate and personal access to an experienced and successful job interviews coach.

Classes are packed with information and practical tips, and always start on time! For more information, and to see our Tele-classes FAQ, please click here.


7-May-2019 Online group job interviews coaching


Worried about an upcoming and demanding job interview and want to make sure you answer difficult questions at the right level? Don't know how to explain to the panel that you're the best person for the job? Feeling desperate to get a promotion but think your nerves will get the better of you? Take hope.

In just 60 minutes, world-class job interviews coach, Rachel Green, will show you how to talk about your strengths, skills and experience, how to answer complex and challenging questions at a high level, and how to pick the most compelling examples so your distinct value to the organisation is obvious. In this tough job interviews market learn how to rise above the other applicants now! Win that job. ONLY 15 places.

Date: Tuesday 7th May 2019.

Time: 4pm-5pm: AWST (Perth/Singapore). 6pm-7pm AEST (Sydney/Melbourne) 9am-10am, London UK. Please check your time zone.

Fees: Only $79 (Australian) per person.

Location: Your computer with a good internet connection and ability to access (our online provider). NB: If you're joining the group class at work, please ensure in advance that your organisation allows access to external websites (some Government ones don't). If it doesn't, you may need to do this online class at home or bring your laptop to work. 

What this practical job interviews online group coaching will cover:

  1. How job interviews are changing and what to be prepared for including video interviews.

  2. How to do the most effective research and preparation.

  3. How to talk about your strengths, skills and experience convincingly.

  4. How to pick the strongest examples.

  5. How to answer, "Why do you want this job?" and "What are your weaknesses?".

  6. How to clearly impress with your distinct value to the organisation.

  7. How to outsmart the other applicants even if you don't know who they are.

  8. Great questions to ask.

  9. Ways to reduce your interview nerves and be confident.

Bonus: You may forward to Rachel a sample job description of a position that you are applying for and your application letter if you would like Rachel to use examples from this during the online class. (Must be received a minimum of 24 hrs before the class.)

Ideal for:

  1. Professional people, higher levels of public servants and executives who already have an established career and want to advance it. 
  2. People who know they are up against stiff opposition and want to do everything they can to win the job interview.
  3. Professional people who are stressed by job interviews or who have failed one (or two).
  4. Anyone who has been made redundant and is daunted by having to go to job interviews again.
  5. Anyone who needs to improve their job interview skills because they've not been to one for a long while or are returning to work after taking time off from their careers.
  6. Professional people who are afraid of going blank or not getting to the point in the interview.
  7. Professional people who do not know how to explain how good they are or the value they bring to the organisation they want to work for.

Reminders: We will send out reminders to the email address you give us when you register.

Numbers: Limited to only 15 people for maximum interaction.

Follow-up and handouts: A handout of the PowerPoints will be emailed to you after the class.

  • Please check the time in your time zone. The times given are in Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) for Perth Western Australia: and Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) for Sydney. 
  • This online group class does NOT replace professional coaching that you may need for your specific position or profession or presentation anxiety. It can only be general in nature and does not guarantee that your job interview will be successful. Please seek any further help you need.

Presenter: Rachel Green

  • Rachel is the Director of Job Interviews Australia and The Emotional Intelligence Institute, a dynamic professional speaker, author and top-level job interviews coach.
  • She has over 15 years experience coaching people in job interview skills and has a success rate of around 85-93%.
  • She is the author of the job interviews self-coaching guide: "Job interviews: How to sell yourself and help the panel pick you". She recommends you read this before any job interview.
  • She has tertiary level qualifications in psychology, speech pathology, adult education and the Feldenkrais Method.
  • She has provided job interview coaching to many eminent men and women from a diverse range of backgrounds. These include medical consultants, school principals, lawyers, university academics, Directors General, senior public servants, corporate executives, pilots, geologists, administrators, and even hopeful medical students.
  • She has attended many job interviews and been successful, participated on interview panels and been a sole interviewer.
  • She is the author of nine books, 3 DVDs and 20 CDs.
  • She has twice been nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year award, and has been awarded the highest level of international accreditation in the professional speaking profession: Certified Speaking Professional, (CSP).
  • She is warm, engaging and practical, and promises not to be boring!

The easy online coaching format for job interview skills

  • The advantage of this class, for someone with a busy life, is that you do not have to leave your home or workplace to participate.
  • No one need know you are participating except for those of us at Job Interviews Australia.
  • It gives you immediate and personal access to an experienced and leading job interviews coach.
  • It is an interactive, live video seminar held on your computer. There is a presenter and a group of participants. However, instead of sitting in a seminar room you join in via your computer, tablet or 'phone from anywhere, providing you have a good Internet connection.
  • You can watch the presenter throughout AND listen to her AND see her PowerPoint slides AND write questions and comments throughout, and hear her responses. You also see the other participants' questions, comments and answers.
  • You do not need a microphone or webcam.
  • The group job interview classes are not boring - or time wasting. They are packed with high content and start bang on time with dynamic information.
  • It is at a far more affordable price than a face-to-face coaching session, which is typically $660 for two hours.