How good are you at job interviews? Find Out.

Job Interview Tele-Classes

Our tele-classes are available to everyone, worldwide. If you are able to get to Perth, Western Australia - you may be interested in our face-to-face coaching sessions. If you are situated elsewhere in Australia, please see details of our Video Coaching Classes.

Tele-Class dates


"I really enjoyed the format and Rachel's warmth".
~ Sheila Mackridge, Counsellor, Olney, England.

"Rachel's presentation was short, sharp and to the point; and I was able to take away so much from it. I would recommend Rachel's live tele-classes to anyone".
~ Cherie Wallace, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia.

"What I loved about your tele-class was how interactive it was. You were very attentive to our responses via text and took great care in answering and acknowledging them. This surely helped me be very engaged".
~ Sophia Ojha, Candler, NC. United States of America.

"I find the tele-class technology so easy".
~ Donna Rayner, Project Officer, Mingenew-Irwin Group, Western Australia.

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