Self-Coaching Guide

Job Interviews | How to sell yourself & help the panel pick you

Needing to triumph in a tough professional or high-level job interview? Don't know how to convince the panel that hiring you will be an advantage? Worried that your nerves will get the better of you?

Want expert help but face-to-face job interview coaching isn't practical for you? 

Take heart, you can work through all the steps that expert job interviews coach, Rachel Green, provides in her face-to-face coaching, at your own pace. This practical and comprehensive self-coaching guide will show you how to prepare brilliantly, give the strongest answers and strategically beat your opposition ... and be outstanding.

Whether you're an executive, senior manager, academic, medical specialist, environmental scientist, lawyer, engineer, public servant or other professional, this self-coaching guide leads you through expert information, practical exercises and comprehensive checklists to help you win the job.

Progress at your own rate instead of cramming everything into two hours. Have time to think through each step and to digest all the ideas and top tips. Have your job description and application by your side as you work through all the practical exercises and build your skills as you go. It is very straightforward and easy-to-read but unique. 

The guide isn't about what shoes to wear or how to smile. Instead it provides:

  1. High-level expert information and advice on job interviews not found elsewhere.
  2. Sophisticated analysis of real jobs and their requirements to direct and guide your own research. 
  3. In-depth strategic analysis of different organisations and their values, to show you how to delve deeply enough into the organisation interviewing you.
  4. Real examples of notable interview questions and answers to guide the formulation of your own impressive answers.
  5. A series of important practical exercises to help you apply all the tips and techniques to the organisation and specific job you are applying for.
  6. Detailed checklists so you can monitor your progress each step of the way, and can ensure your interview preparation is comprehensive, effective and strategic.
  7. A step-by-step process so you can build your job interview skills as you go.

Your investment

Gain the tips and techniques given during Rachel's 1-1 job interview coaching for less than 1/6th of the price.

And, if you buy the guide and still book into 1:1 face-to-face coaching, the price of the guide is deducted from the session fee, so you get the guide for free.

We've made the job interviews guide in an electronic format, so if your interview is at short notice you can get the guide immediately and start preparing in the right way, straightaway.

The Author

Rachel Green is an award-winning emotional intelligence and engagement specialist, a job interviews coach and author - and the Director of The Emotional Intelligence Institute.

She has over 14 years' experience coaching people in job interview skills and has a success rate of around 90%. Yes, nearly everyone she coaches gets their job, even those who have previously failed their job interviews.

She has provided job interview coaching to many eminent men and women from a diverse range of backgrounds. These include medical consultants, school principals, lawyers, university academics, Directors General, senior public servants, corporate executives, pilots, geologists, administrators, and even hopeful medical students. She has attended many job interviews and been successful, participated on interview panels and been a sole interviewer.