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In a job interview, what's the best way to sit and seem confident?

During a job interview, what is the best way to sit and appear confident?

by Rachel Green, high-level job interviews coach, Director: Job Interviews Australia. Author: Job Interviews: How to sell yourself and help the panel pick you.

This is a typical of the type of job interview question that people ask! Yet, before I answer, I want to say this:

Don't focus on how to sit without also focusing on all the other aspects too.

What you say during the job interview and how well you sell your strengths, your value to the organisation and the benefits you will bring is of far more importance than how you sit.

Too often people focus on body language, how they should sit, what they should do with their hands, what shoes they should wear and so on, and they look great but fail to sell themselves.

Once you know how to sell yourself and you can do that convincingly, then how you sit in the job interview can add a positive impact to your message.

How to sit

Sit in a way that helps you engage the panel or interviewer. You need to make it easy for the panel to pick you. You need to have eye contact with the interviewers, therefore, you need to have your head up.

Take up space in the chair and don’t collapse your shoulders down or droop your arms across your chest.

Have your hands looking relaxed in your lap but don’t be scared to use your hands in appropriate gestures.

Don’t sit with your legs too wide apart (which some men do), it’s not a macho competition.

Don't sit with your legs entwined around each other, (which some women do), a job interview is not a sexy competition.

Have your feet on the floor rather than crossing your legs.

Look relaxed!

More than anything notice how the interviewers sit and choose to be similar to them and not too different.

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