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5 tips on the questions you may be asked in your job interview

Do you want to work out what questions you will get asked in your job interview? It is very difficult to predict, but here are five tips:

  1. Prepare to answer some form of question regarding why you want the job/tell us about yourself/why should we employ you?
  2. Go through the essential and desirable criteria (if you have any) and presume that you will have to answer a question on each one.
  3. Investigate the values that the organisation holds dear - you may be asked directly about their values or need to demonstrate them in your answers during the job interview.
  4. You may be asked to explain a weakness.
  5. Many job interviews now involve a question about diversity, as well as team-work, communication, conflict resolution and leadership.

... and watch out for questions trying to ascertain your emotional intelligence.

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