How good are you at job interviews? Find Out.


I'm in my 50's and can't get a job interview.

How do you get past the age barrier? I'm in my 50's and can't get an interview.

By Rachel Green world-class job interviews coach

  1. Focus on your skills, strengths and experience and the value and benefits you will bring to the organisation. It’s all about the organisation.
  2. Study exactly what the organisation is looking for, e.g. by researching their website, job description, media coverage, essential and desirable criteria, etc., and then using their language and addressing their requirements directly in your application and interview.
  3. The organisation has to be sure that you are not a risk to them, that you bring fresh ideas and that you are up-to-date. Make sure they know this.
  4. Make sure you are up-to-date with current trends in technology, for example, and can freely and confidently talk about them. Some 50+ yrs people are experts with technology others refuse to keep-up-to-date; be the former not the latter.
  5. Don’t tell them your age. In Australia they are not allowed to ask your age. Do not include it on your application.
  6. Have lots of goals and ideas, show passion for work and have a clear objective about wanting to stay in the workforce. You have to convince them that if they employ you, you won’t “retire on the job” and are not just wanting a job to fill in time until retirement.

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