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Another job interview won - & all because of the research

A successful client has just written to me, over the moon about getting a new job as a CEO.

What did she do in the job interview that made her a stand out? She shared the research she had done on the organisation.

This is what she said: 

I wanted to let you know that I have been successful and just been appointed as the CEO. My job interview went well. One of the key things I talked about when I got the “What attracted you to the position” question was the research I had done about the organisation and the feedback I received from the staff I spoke with. Fortunately I got very good feedback about the organisation and I told them that. I even explained that when I specifically asked the staff what the weaknesses of the organisation were, they struggled to identify any. 

I think sharing this information with the interview panel certainly had a positive impact on them choosing me (rather than putting me second as happened many times previously). This was the first interview in which I spoke at length about the research I had undertaken about the organisation.  Previously I would mention this in passing and it would inform my answers to questions, but this time I was much more specific and detailed.   

  • Have you done enough research on the organisation before your job interview?
  • How will you weave this information into your answers so it helps you win the job?

It could make the difference between getting the job and not getting the job.

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