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Are you ready to answer questions on emotional intelligence in your job interview?

Are you ready to answer questions on emotional intelligence in your job interview?

There is an increasing chance you will be asked one as more jobs are specifying emotional intelligence as a criterion.

For example, here are just two of several jobs I saw on SEEK in November.

A position description for a Project Engineering Manager stipulated:

As the ideal applicant you will have:

  • Significant experience in delivering solutions in ICT environments
  • High levels of emotional intelligence and a good understanding of people 

A position description for a Senior Policy Adviser (Legal and Government Relations) stipulated as one of its criteria:

Likeable/personable with a high level of emotional intelligence. A must have with our small, diverse and highly dynamic team. 

Want to try answering a job interview question on the topic? Try this one:

"Describe to me a situation where a member of staff was upset by another member of staff in a meeting you were leading, and the actions you took."

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