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How do I answer a question in my job interview about my family background?

If, in your job interview, you are asked about your family background, relate your answer to the job, the organisation, the essential criteria, or anything else to do with the role you are applying for. ONLY.

For example, if your job description includes criteria about understanding diversity and your family has people from 4 different religions, or your siblings live in 4 different countries it may be helpful to mention it.

Or if, because your family moved to different countries as a child, you now speak 4 languages, and this is an international firm you are being interviewed by, tell them as this makes it relevant.

Another example: I was providing job interview coaching for someone applying for a painting apprenticeship. Turns out his Dad was a painter so he could show that he knew about the work and what was involved.

Make it relevant.

They have no right to probe otherwise.

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