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How do I answer a question in my job interview about my hobbies?

If you are asked a question in your job interview "Tell me about your hobbies" answer wisely.

Explain your hobbies in a way that the hobbies can be of benefit to the organisation or give a good “picture’ of you that fits with the organisation’s strategy and culture.


  1. If you sing in a church choir, are part of a youth group, play football or are in an orchestra or music group: these can show how good a team player you are.
  2. If you are a volunteer on a crisis line, raise money for a cancer charity, mentor children at risk, are on your local council, or on the committee of a local community group: these show you are a good citizen and contribute to the community and are willing to be of service.
  3. If you play tennis, go walking, swim, play basketball, like boxing, do yoga, do tai chi, have regular massages, go cycling, run marathons, or belong to a meditation group: these suggest that you keep fit and have strategies to manage stress well.
  4. If you play chess, computer games or cards:  these show you can probably focus and concentrate and like intellectual challenges - or depending on the games have good hand-eye co-ordination.
  5. If you write books or poetry: these show you can probably express yourself clearly, enjoy communicating … 

... and so on.

Whatever your information about your hobbies, when asked about them in a job interview, always make your answer is relevant to the job.

There are lots more tips on making job interviews successful in our job interviews self-coaching guide: Job Interview Coaching - Guide

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