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How to answer a job interview question: What is your style of work?

How to answer a job interview question: What is your style of work?

How you answer this question all depends on the job and what the job description and essential criteria are. Your answer then needs to address their requirements.

For example, a client I was working with last week had a job description that said “the successful candidate needs to be able to work independently but also work collaboratively in a team and be a self-starter!”

That’s asking for everything! However, it means that in order to answer the question, “What is your style of work”, she has to be able to talk about how she can work productively on her own without the need for constant supervision or feedback; that she can take initiative and has her own self-starter; and that she is also able to work in a team, to collaborate, and to contribute to the achievement of team goals and inspire others to do likewise.

So take a look at the job you are going for and describe your work style in terms they will want to hear.

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