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How to answer a question on leading a team through change

Going for a job interview? Expect a question on coping with change, in some form or another, if your job interview is for a position where you will be managing or leading people. Change is a constant problem within organisations. Inspiring a team to adapt to changes they may not want or like is all part of managerial and leadership skills. Have interview answers ready for such questions.

Here is an example of an interview answer, adapted from a client I provided job interview coaching for:

Interview question: "How do you help a team cope with constant change?"

My strength is my ability to lead a team through difficult changes without any loss of client service and whilst maintaining effectiveness and team morale. I do this in 3 main ways. First, I listen to and accept people's feelings so that they feel heard and valued. Second, I am able to find creative ways to overcome obstacles that may prevent a smooth transition to the smooth implementation of the change. Third, I am able to communicate the change and ways to adapt to the change to staff, clients and the executive in a way that wins them over.

What will you say is your differentiating factor and strength in leading through change? It could win you that job!

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