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Should I limit the number of questions I ask in a job interview?

Should I limit the number of questions I ask in a job interview?

by Rachel Green, Director, Job Interviews Australia; Internationally recognised job interviews coach.


The number of questions you ask is only one part of what you need to consider; the quality of the questions you ask is also important, as is the time taken and the reasons for asking.

It is possible to ask too many questions. Why? Because you can appear not to have done the research and preparation required before the interview. Don't appear lazy or unprepared.

You need to know about the organisation in advance.

I recommend that in a job interview people demonstrate that they have already done research on the organisation and know a lot about them. The interview is not the time to do all the research.

You also run the risk of appearing as if you are trying too hard to impress or appearing to be too clever/showing off.

Also, an interviewee doesn’t go to the interview to interrogate the panel. Your job is to help them pick you!

What interview questions should I ask?

I recommend that people be selective in the questions that they ask. 

I suggest to most of the people I coach that they:

  1. Ask about three solid and worthwhile questions.
  2. Select out those interview questions which most show they have a distinct interest in the future of the organisation and how they can contribute to its success.
  3. Choose those questions that will leave the strongest and most positive impression at the end of the interview.

Which questions are you going to ask in your job interview?

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